What’s The Difference In Men’s And Women’s Wedding Rings?

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Engagement ring hunting was a tough hurdle, but if you’re lucky enough to get her to say yes to your proposal, then the jewellery shopping isn’t done yet. As you move forward and begin planning your big day, finding the perfect wedding rings will definitely be one of your priorities.

It is normal for soon-to-be brides and grooms to ask about the things they need to prepare and purchase for their wedding. For example, why do they need to buy wedding rings? You might even be asking if there is a difference between a man’s wedding ring and a woman’s wedding ring. These are common questions that we can help clarify for you.

History Of Wedding Rings

To start with, let’s understand the story behind wedding rings. While the tradition of couples exchanging rings along with their wedding vows began in the 20th century, the practice of using rings as symbols of commitment dates back to ancient times. As early as 3000 BC, ancient Egyptians used rings made of braided reeds or hemp in wedding ceremonies. The hemp/reeds formed into a circle symbolised eternity among ancient cultures, while the hole in the centre symbolised an opening to the future.

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Men placed such rings on the fourth finger of the women’s left hand as, according to ancient Egyptians, a vein (the “vena amoris”) from this finger was believed to run straight to the heart. The symbolic placement has influenced how the said finger has eventually come to be known as the ring finger. Other cultures may, however, wear their wedding ring on the right hand.

The materials used for the rings have essentially improved as well, specifically moving from the less flimsy to the more durable ones. For a time, the value of the wearer and the wealth of the giver were associated with how expensive the materials used for the rings were. These days, precious metals with precious stones are used to create wedding rings.

Exchanging rings that signify our commitment to the ones we love remains a popular practice during wedding ceremonies, which is why soon-to-be brides and grooms prepare rings that they will give each other as they exchange vows on their big day. This leads us to the next concern, which is whether there is a difference between a man’s wedding ring and a woman’s wedding ring.   

Men’s Ring Versus Women’s Ring

Essentially, wedding rings are made to reflect the couple’s personal preferences. So, the differences that we see are largely due to the different inclinations of the person who will be wearing the ring. Any gender can wear any ring style, although one gender may wear a certain style better than the other. For example, Certified Diamond Network customises and sells engagement rings in Sydney for couples who wish to have matching diamond wedding rings, wherein the ring for the bride is a daintier style of the same design as the groom’s.

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The differences are largely visual. If you want to determine whether you are buying a man’s ring or a woman’s ring, there are a number of signs to look for. When shopping for a man’s ring, for example, pay attention to the band, which is usually flat and wide, and the presence of embellishments (or lack thereof) with few diamonds and few prongs. Most rings for men will also come with a brushed finish and be more solid and bolder-looking, without the attention-grabbing solitaire diamonds or other fancy trimmings. The ring size is also a huge giveaway, with men’s default sizes at 10 while the women’s ring sizes are normally smaller.


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