Spring 18’ trend : Loafers

It’s the trend that continues along Spring 18’ , loafers are one of the key items in your Spring wardrobe. You can wear them classy or fierce, making them perfect to pair with any outfit you have in mind. In today’s article I will share few of my favourite loafers, with as well classy as bold prints.

One of the first faves are these pink classy looking loafers. These loafers are perfect as it contains 2 seasonal trends, being pink and having the classy loafer style. This style can be worn with both trousers as a skirt or dress making it multi-functional.

Another perfect pair for Spring are these white loafers with wooden details at the heel. Due to the white color, it makes it a versatile piece to wear with any print. The wooden details at the heel gives it a little pop due to the difference in material. My outfit preference with this type of shoe are striped trousers with an open shoulder top.

Screaming Spring with these beautiful floral loafers. I personally love the texture of these loafers as they are waterproof for the occasional Spring drizzle. I can see these loafers being worn with a cute white lace dress during a warm Spring day.

One of the classier models are these navy blue colored loafers. I love the small details on the top of the loafer, giving it a little bit more edge than the standard version. The small heel also elongates your legs slightly and makes it more comfortable to walk in.

Another option is this gorgeous leopard print loafer to find you inner animal spirit. I personally love the mix of a heavy printed shoe mixed with a simple looking outfit. Leopard print looks amazing with light denim and even white jeans to create the pop of color. Definetely one of my favorite picks.


Check out the latest loafers at Schuurman schoenen en let me know which one is your favorite 😊

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  1. 19/03/2018 / 4:54 pm

    That’s cool. What a beautiful LOAFERS. I like your blog.

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