How To Choose The Perfect Necklace To Give As A Gift

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A necklace can make for a perfect gift for any occasion, and there are many different types that you can choose from, which can make selecting the ideal necklace a bit of a puzzle. There are many various factors that you will need to consider such as choosing the necklace length. Below you will find a summary of everything that you will need to take into account before deciding on which necklace to purchase as a gift for your friend or loved one.

Your Relationship

Before you check out Mayfair jewellers like Hirsh London, you will need to look at the relationship of the intended recipient. The bond that you have with the person you are going to give the necklace to will have a bearing on what necklace will be appropriate and dictate how much money you will spend. If you are purchasing a gift for your partner, you will most likely be willing to spend more money than if it was a gift for a friend. If you spend more money on a necklace, you will be able to afford a more elaborate design that will be more suitable for formal occasions.

The Occasion

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It is also essential that you consider the occasion that the necklace can be worn as, if you get something that is too fancy, the recipient of the necklace may only wear it occasionally as they will not want to damage or lose it. You may wish to get something that can be worn every day and is relatively discreet but still stylish and tasteful. There are also designs of necklaces that can be suitable for all occasions, although it will depend on the style and tastes of the person that you are giving it to whether it would be ideal for them or not.

The Length

You will also need to consider the length of the necklace that you are going to buy before you make your purchase. You will see that there are many different lengths from which to choose. The usual lengths of necklaces can vary as follows;

  • 14 Inches
  • 16 Inches
  • 18 Inches
  • 20 to 24 Inches
  • 28 to 36 Inches
  • 36 to 42 Inches

The ideal length for the necklace is going to depend on the occasion it is to be worn for, as well as the fashion and style of the wearer, but there is a lot of choices available, so there is something perfect for everyone if you look hard enough.

The Style

There are also many different styles of necklaces from which you can choose, and you will need to know a little about the personal tastes of the person you are giving it to so that you ensure you get something that they will wear and enjoy. Some of the most popular neckline styles are as follows;

  • Boat Neck
  • Crew Neck
  • Scoop Neck
  • Sweetheart Neck
  • Turtle Neck
  • V-Neck

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As well as the different lengths and styles from which you can choose, there is also a massive selection of different materials that you can choose between such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and many more besides. There is a lot of choices available in a variety of different styles, lengths, and materials, and no matter what the taste of the recipient, or your budget, there is something available that will be perfect if you do your research and have a good look.



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