Bringing back my old school memories with the Adidas Continental 80

Hi friends! Just in time for the Summer season I have decided to share my take on one of my Summer favourite trends to provide some last minute inspiration for your Summer shoe wear. As I have mentioned many many times I love the trend of white sneakers in Spring and Summer as they are a perfect fit for almost any outfit!

Today I will be talking about a new sneaker I have been looking forward to for this Summer and it’s the Adidas Continental 80! The sneaker comes in many colours like Black, Pink and Grey. And the coloured line across the side of the sneaker also varies per sneaker. However, the white version has caught my eye! The detail that caught my attention with this shoe is the pop of the red line across the side of the shoe. I love total white sneakers for Summer but this pop of red really does it all as it no longer makes the sneaker looking bland, but adds some attention to your feet which is nice.

I always loved myself some Adidas sneakers since I was little as I just loved the appearance and the fit that they have. These sneakers remind me of the old days when I was wearing my old school Adidas. This particular sneaker is part of the ongoing ‘Yung’ series of which the archival shoe was originally released in the late 80’s which is why gave it the name Continental. That’s a lot of history on one shoe is it not?  Haha, well I just loved the memories that it brings back.

Another note on this sneaker is that it is gaining a lot of popularity later as it has some similarities to the Yeezy Powerphase shoe, however the Adidas Continental is a slight fraction of the price so I know which one I would pick! And I love that Adidas used the grain leather materials with the old school perforations on the side.

I’m totally looking forward to this Summer with the lookout on wearing some nice looking sneakers that go with almost every outfit I own. I would love to pair these sneakers with some cute denim shorts and a white and blue striped blouse, that would really bring out the pop of red in the sneakers. Also an all white outfit with these sneakers would look dope, totally festival appropriate!

Let me know what you think about these sneakers and if you have ever had a mutual feeling with a shoe or any other piece of garment.



  1. 20/05/2019 / 11:10 pm

    I’ve noticed that Adidas has been super trendy lately. They’re such a classic that still looks great to this day!

    Nancy ♥

  2. jade bevan
    21/05/2019 / 2:54 pm

    oh wow them kicks looks beautiful! they would go with so many outfits! I need them in my life haha! thanks for sharing this post was amazing!

    Jadieegosh   Instagram GIVEAWAY

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