Boots, wear them while you still can.


Boots and especially ankle boots are some of my go to shoe wear in the transitional season of Winter to Spring. I love the way boots and ankle boots in specific are able to elongate your legs, and how feminine it makes me look. Spring time boots are my favourite as they are pastel coloured most of the time and just perfect for the weather transition. Therefore today’s article is dedicated to the Spring boots, while we are still able to wear them.


As already mentioned I love the look of pastel coloured ankle boots in Spring. These pastel grey boots are amazing for the Spring season as they can be paired with any garment due to its vibrant colour. I see these boots being worn with a white skinny jeans or an tunic with a lot of lace. Another option is a chain or braided applique boots to add some edge to the boots, in this case I love the wooden heel as it gives a boho feel.

Talking about bohemian, these braided boots are goals! I love boots like these as they are feminine but they can create warmth to an outfit. I would love to style these boots with a lace blouse or a midi dress or skirt, giving it the ultimate bohemian feel.

Another one of my favourite in prints are the snake prints. I love these snake printed boots for multiple reasons, first of all because the pastel colour goes perfect with the snake print and the wooden heel. And the diagonal zipper creates an edge and makes it different than the regular snake boots. I love to see this boots being worn with a black skinny jeans or leggings and a statement top.

For the days that are a bit more casual, low heeled boots are perfect. I personally love these pastel colour military boots as they are both edgy and casual at the same time. I love the fact that you are able to dress these boots up or down depending on your mood.

Another edgy pair of boots are these pink dr Martens boots . I love the look that these boots give to an outfit, though I haven’t figured out on styling them with my personal style. A lot of bloggers and influencers have been seen rocking these gorgeous babies and I suggest you should also wear them while you still can.


Boots in Spring are some of my favourite shoe wear to wear during the transitional season, let me know which picks you like and how you would style them.



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