Big spoiler and cute baby bedding!

As can be read from the title and from the picture today’s post contains a big spoiler, our baby’s name! We have chosen the name Tiffany for our baby girl after a long long time of discussing baby names, and we both love it!

Today’s article contains a collaboration with the web shop Femmies. Besides having their regular assortment of baby care items the web shop offers the service of customising your own baby items to your preference. Some of the customisable items are baby blankets, pillows, bed spreads and many more. I have chosen to customise my own baby blanket with the babies name. As we are having a little girl I opted for the color pink with stars but there are many other prints to choose from like check and dots.

I love how the blanket turned out as it is exactly as girly as I hoped it would be. The quality of the blanket is amazing and not too hot nor cold for the baby due to the carefully chosen material. The baby blanket that I have chosen is perfect for the Autumnal and Winter season, which is exactly when she will be staying in her sleeper. Until then I will gaze at the cute sight of this beautiful blanket in our little girl’s room.

If you are interested in more designs and items that are customisable check out the Femmies web shop. The customer service is also amazing as the response rate is very fast and they are willing to help you out with any design or idea you have in mind, definitely worth visiting!

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