Best wear for a new born baby – with MyPJ

As becoming a first time mommy everything about babies and their care is new for me. I also never experienced having to take care of any younger siblings as I was fortunate to be the youngest. The first and also last time I have changed a diaper was 3 years ago with my niece, and it was an experience let me tell you! However, now that I am expecting a little girl myself I had to do a lot of research about mommyhood. There are so many opinions and dangers being mentioned on the internet, let alone the ‘experience’ of the people in your surroundings that love to bombard you with their opinions.

Therefore I decided to comply my own research. Today I will be sharing one of my favorite brands/ webshop that provides the best wear for a newborn baby; MyPJ. As I think sleep is the key for health, it’s also highly applicable for newborns. After all they need a good night’s rest in order to grow and become the little beings they are.

What I love about the MyPJ webshop is that they come across as a very honest brand, that wants to provide the best products for our little loved ones. The products are all about comfort which I totally comply with. With a new unique concept in baby clothing, where every piece of clothing is seamed inside out, it creates more comfort for the baby. It also adds a very cute look to the clothing;

This is one of the comfortable pieces that is seamed inside out. I decided to go for a giraffe print because it’s one of my partner and I ‘s favorite animals. The little jumpsuit is comfortable and is going to keep our little girl warm during the ‘still colder days’ of March/ April. The jumpsuit comes with a little hat that matches with the giraffe print, which is also seamed inside out. Overall I love the quality and the vision the company has, very satisfied with the jumpsuit.

If you are interested in the webshop or the cute giraffe jumpsuit, feel free to check out their website. The customer service is very kind and loves to help with any question you have ( in my experience). The webshop offers cheap international shipping, and shipping in the Netherlands is even free! And for the mommy’s out there; let me know what clothing you decide on for your newborns, I would love to know.


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